Going for gold

I managed to get just the one set of 16 STTs in last night but I was so shattered by the end of it that I couldn’t even face updating this thread. Let’s rectify that before getting onto tonight’s results. Last night was a poor session but there were no glaring errors that I could see; just one of those nights.

1st: 1
2nd: 0
3rd: 3

Daily profit: -$77
Monthly profit: $276

Thankfully, I managed to pull it back around and then some tonight having played 33 games in total. I won a decent amount of my flips and played pretty solid in general — and I felt particularly strong heads-up tonight which was a welcome change. Oh, and I unlocked another $10 Stellar Reward bonus. Results:

1st: 7
2nd: 5
3rd: 3

Daily profit: $141
Stellar Reward bonus: $10
Monthly profit: $427

I need to get a bunch of games played over the weekend if I’m going to make Gold status for the first time and unfortunately I have some work to get done over the next couple of days so it’s going to be tough. I’ll be giving it my best shot, though.


Steady progress

I added an extra table per set tonight (making it 16 tables per set) and it felt fine so I’ll be sticking to 16 for the foreseeable future. I played a couple of sets for a total of 32 STTs and despite not really being on my ‘A’ game I managed to turn a profit so I can’t turn my nose up at that.

1st: 4
2nd: 4
3rd: 5

Daily profit: $26
Monthly profit: $353

Back down to Earth

I played a bunch on Saturday but forgot to update the thread; I got 45 STTs in but unfortunately had a bad run and ended up a fair amount down on the day. Results:

1st: 2
2nd: 6
3rd: 5

Daily profit: -$153
Monthly profit: $272

As for tonight, I’ve only played the 15 STTs as I felt really tired towards the end of that set so have decided to break off and try and get greater volume in later in the week. A small profit tonight from the tables but that’s also been boosted by my good run last week earning me a spot on the BOP leaderboard for another $40. Results:

1st: 3
2nd: 1
3rd: 1

Daily profit: $15
BOP bonus: $40
Monthly profit: $327

Riding the rungood train

Another short but excellent session for me tonight. Just the one set of 15 STTs again, but I managed to cash in nine of them and post a nice profit. Again, I feel like I’m playing good, solid poker, and while I’m making the odd small mistake here and there I feel like I’m really beginning to eliminate major mistakes that I’ve been prone to in the past. It was also nice to be on the right side of a major suckout on the bubble for once tonight; that makes up a tiny bit for the constant barrage of painful beats earlier in the month. Oh, and I unlocked another Stellar Reward so that’s a little more to add to the coffers. Anyway, to the results:

1st: 4
2nd: 3
3rd: 2

Daily profit: $132
Stellar Reward bonus: $10
Monthly profit: $425

Continuing the rungood

Another good run of games tonight. I only managed to get the 15 in as I’ve got some work to do before I hit the hay but it’s a great feeling to have built again on the positive results from the past couple of days. I’m playing some decent stuff at the moment and making few mistakes, which I think is absolutely key. Anyway, tonight’s results:

1st: 3
2nd: 4
3rd: 1

Daily profit: $96
Monthly profit: $283

Onwards and upwards

Fantastic stuff tonight, with 20 cashes from 30 STTs. It’s been a long time coming but it’s great to finally have a big winning session to take me way back into the black after a frustrating couple of weeks. Here’s hoping I can kick on from here and make a decent profit for the month and maybe even place on this week’s Battle of the Planets leaderboard after such a positive start.

1st: 4
2nd: 9
3rd: 7

Daily profit: $219
Monthly profit: $187

The obvious negative to take away from tonight’s session is that once again I failed to convert a whole host of cashes into wins. I really must do some reading up on heads-up play to see if I’m making any serious errors.

About time too

Just the 15 games played tonight, but thankfully it was a very positive session results wise. Again, I feel like I’m playing fairly well and although there are a number of regs floating around at the $10 level I do feel like I have a decent edge against the majority of the guys I’m coming up against. I just need to ride out this fairly bumpy run of results and keep playing correctly. As I say, though, tonight’s results are a step in the right direction:

1st: 3
2nd: 2
3rd: 3

Daily profit: $78
Monthly profit: -$32