Maybe tomorrow, he’ll want to settle down

He’s already in my blogroll links, but seeing as he’s been extremely kind and just given me my first plug, it’s only fair that I return the favour: gaminghobo runs a very tight ship indeed, and I advise anyone with an interest in the gaming industry to head over there on the double. It’s a veritable trendthrift stamp of approval, right there.


6 Responses to Maybe tomorrow, he’ll want to settle down

  1. gaminghobo says:

    Thanks very much. Keep up with the blogging, I think you have the knack for it.

  2. trendthrift says:

    Thanks. As you can no doubt tell from the very basic sidebar there, I’m new to all this and don’t really know what I’m doing. However, I wanted to get in the habit of writing every day again, so we’ll see if I can pick up some of the more advanced stuff as I go along.

  3. paradox says:

    Right on, I like his blog too. Some cool humour in there too, and good insight.

  4. trendthrift says:

    Hey, thanks paradox. That’s very nice of you.

  5. gaminghobo says:

    We’ve got our own little love triangle going.
    Erm, yeah, just ignore that last bit ;).

  6. trendthrift says:

    Hey, what the hell — if we can go that extra mile and make it a love heptagon, I’m there.

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