Solid defence

I’ve had the chance to play a little more Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and it’s rocking my world. As I mentioned briefly before, it’s just generally superbly written — an area that videogames often get so wrong, or at least neglect in favour of something entirely less important. In terms of strong characters and a well-rounded, interesting, amusing storyline, this and Psychonauts (Jesus, is that thing ever going to make it out over here? PAL-only gamers are truly missing out. But then I’d have Schafer-babies if I was equipped for it, so maybe I’m biased) stand out as two shining examples in an expansive field of no-hopers.


2 Responses to Solid defence

  1. gaminghobo says:

    Two games I want to get. My DS should be arriving soon, I’m getting a White Japanese one. Psychonauts is a must have if it ever makes it over here.

  2. trendthrift says:

    You’re in for a real treat with the DS. There are just so many innovative games out for it. Another Code/Trace Memory is another one I’d recommend, although it’s pretty short, so find it cheap if you can. Trauma Center: Under The Knife looks great too; I’ll be moving on to that once I’ve finished Phoenix Wright. Also, Zoo Keeper is wonderfully addictive.

    As for Psychonauts, it’s an absolute delight. Fingers crossed it won’t be delayed again.

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