Promiscuous electrical equipment

The trendthrift stereo is an insatiable beast at the best of times, but just recently she’s turned into the most gluttonous little strumpet in town, demanding more and more new music with each passing day. As many times as I’ve tried, she just won’t be assauged. I’m past trying to reason with her; she’s got me exactly where she wants me.

As such, I trundled off to the Post Office this morning to pick up her latest feed (a six CD-shaped parcel won’t fit easily through the letterbox of trendthrift Towers, unfotunately). She’s currently chewing on In Case We Die from Architecture In Helsinki, but then there’s albums from Animal Collective, Bearsuit, Help She Can’t Swim, Laura Veirs and My Morning Jacket to follow once she’s tossed that aside.

It’s not as if she’s finished chomping on the stuff she got for Christmas, or indeed from the Album Club delivery from last Friday (although she is regularly filling the air with approving Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-scented burps, much to my embarrassment). Hopefully she’ll calm down a bit now and take stock of recent arrivals, but I can’t say I’m overly confident.


9 Responses to Promiscuous electrical equipment

  1. gaminghobo says:

    Lol – “The trendthrift stereo is an insatiable beast at the best of times, but just recently she’s turned into the most gluttonous little strumpet in town, demanding more and more new music with each passing day.”

    Very nice.

  2. paradox says:

    I actually haven’t bought any CDs in a while, and I am just recycling some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, U2 and Queen on my mp3 player. Listened to Franz Ferdinand a bit lately. Hot stuff.

  3. trendthrift says:

    I didn’t think much to Do You Want To, so kind of wrote off buying the second Franz Ferdinand album. However, I’ve since heard the title track a good few times and it’s a little belter.

  4. gaminghobo says:

    Yeah – I’ve passed on the Franze Ferdinand album so far as well. Agree that Do You Want To wasn’t all that great. Been listening to the Arctic Monkey’s but can’t make my mind up whether they’re any good or not.

  5. trendthrift says:

    I actually really like what I’ve heard about the Arctic Monkeys so far (I Bet You Look Good…, Scummy, The Ritz to the Rubble), despite convincing myself I wouldn’t because of the NME hype machine I so despise. I hate their habit of building a band up as the next big thing before dismissing them by the time the second or third album is out. Anyway, yep, I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve heard, and I’ll certainly be picking up the album.

    You should definitely seek out You Could Have It So Much Better (the track) by Franz Ferdinand, hobo – it’s a great, great track that’s grown on me loads.

  6. gaminghobo says:

    Will do. I really like the last three tracks of the Arctic Monkey’s (when the sun goes down, ritz to the rubble and a certain romance) but I’m not sure about the rest. It’s a grower – and yeah, can’t stand that NME hype.

    You might want to check out:
    Very funny NME piss-take.

  7. paradox says:

    I actually didn’t get a chance to listen to much Franz Ferdinand, but the few songs that I heard I liked (This Fire, Dark Of The Matinee) the other bands you mentioned I haven’r exactly even heard of… But I am not that much of a musicman.

  8. gaminghobo says:

    They’re more Uk orientated. I imagine you’ll be getting over your way eventually.

  9. gaminghobo says:

    Hmm – that made no sense whatsoever.

    As for the Arctic Monkey’s, Mardy Bum, is a great track. They remind me of a slightly lighter version of the The Clash.

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