Rotten to the core

When the trendthrift mobile chimes up with that unmistakable YES! POPULARITY! YOU HAVE A TEXT MESSAGE! claxon in the early hours of the morning, it can only mean one of two things. More often than not it’s a hot young thing making what I believe the kids of today term a booty call, while on other occasions, back in the real world, it’s a similarly sleep-deprived friend of trendthrift (friendthrift, if you will) asking if I want a few games of Pro Evolution Soccer on Xbox Live. I always do, so why he bothers to ask the question, I don’t know.

This morning’s 00:15 text message wasn’t either of these things. It wasn’t even anything as exciting as a family emergency. It was, in fact, a spam text from Apple, reading thusly: ‘Happy New year 2006’. Not only is it 20 days late, Jobs, but you haven’t even bothered to spend the requisite time on the message to ensure consistency in your capitalisation. Shoddy. If you think I’m buying a MacBook Pro from you now, you’re sorely misguided.


One Response to Rotten to the core

  1. paradox says:

    rotten to the Intel core?

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