Slight Return

I’ve been away from the internet for what feels like an eternity, and so this site has become sadly neglected. I’d just like to say that I’ve been off persuing more interesting projects, living a life to its fullest, free from the shackles of the World Wide Widget. I’d like to say that, but the truth is that my PC has ‘issues’. They’re almost certainly sorted now, so hopefully regular updates will be back for good.

So, what have I filled my time with since I’ve been ‘away’? Why, a variety of exciting and healthy activities, naturally. But mostly sitting on the sofa playing videogames. I played through King Kong on the 360 and it was… OK. The FPS sections were fine, if a little repetitive in some places and frustrating in others. Playing as Kong himself, however, was FUN. Sadly these sections were rationed quite strictly. Still worth a look, though.

I’ve since moved on to God of War (get me, Mr. Cutting Edge!) which seems great so far. I’m about two hours in and it’s getting harder, but I can take it. Possibly.

However, the most enjoyable games-related event took place when I took delivery of my US copy of Guitar Hero. My word. An evolution of Frequency/Amplitude using a guitar-shaped controller with fret buttons and a strum thingy? Yes please. It’s as outstanding as it looks. Absolutely essential. And it’s coming to Europe, PAL fans. Hooray!