Set in stone

It is done. There will be a wedding on July 28th, and I will be there. Getting married.

Angry Anderson will be freestyling over some fly beats as the bride turns cartwheels down the aisle. No doubt Dustin Hoffman will turn up at the last possible moment, begging me to reconsider my actions. No can do, Rain Man.

It’s all pretty exciting, although I imagine my bank manager is less than thrilled. I wouldn’t know though; I don’t take his phonecalls any more. He’s resorted to texting recently, but despite being a relatively young man, I’m not really down with that. I tried a Caeser cipher, but I’m still no closer to decoding ‘Soz m8, u gt no phundz :(‘


2 Responses to Set in stone

  1. Mark X says:

    Best wishes to yourself and the future Mrs Thrift! You can probably prevent any Hoffman interruptions by picking a venue that doesn’t have glass observation pod thing, and which isn’t on a bus route.

  2. trendthrift says:

    Thanks very much. Not to worry, we’re getting married in Cornwall. I don’t think buses go that far, do they?

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