Building the stack

First off, yes, I know that new image at the top of the page looks awful amateurish. There’s a good reason for that (clue: it’s not because that’s the look I was aiming for). We’ll call it a placeholder for now, and we can all pretend that I’ll get around to replacing it. Okay?

 The reason said image contains poker-related paraphernalia is that I’m going to be writing a fair bit about it in subsequent posts. I’ve been playing the game online and in ‘real life’ for about a year now (tournament play mostly; I’m not too interested in cash games just yet), and I’ve had a few nice results along the way. It’s only recently, though, that I’ve been keeping detailed results of my online play. I want to see exactly how I’m progressing, with one eye on taking steps up the ladder as the stats tell me its appropriate to do so. I don’t have the exact figures with me at the moment, but since I started noting down my exact results from November 22nd 2006, I’ve made around $550. Admittedly, a big chunk of that profit came from a fourth place finish in a $10 Multi Table Tournament, so that skews the overall picture somewhat. That said, I showed a good profit at $5 Single Table Tournaments (10-man Sit-and-Go or SNG) too. I played 100 SNG at $5 levels and showed a healthy profit, so I’ve now moved up to the $10 games. That’s started fairly well too, but I won’t be making any decisions until I’ve played at least 100 of those. 

 I have a couple of friends who are undertaking a similar push to further themselves when it comes to online poker, which helps immensely when it comes to comparing strategy, etc. He’s just started his own blog, Road to the Final Table, so pop along and give him some encouragement. Yes, he’s an Arsenal fan, but try and look past that for now.


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