A little trumpet blowing

 You’d probably presume that, as a journalist, my moral compass is set differently to the Average Joe on the street. Not so. I’m actually a stand-up guy. So it’s with no ethical conflict whatsoever that I recommend the July issue of Inside Poker, which is on the shelves now. It’s a great issue of what is a routinely excellent magazine. And it just so happens to include a feature what I done wrote. It’s the ‘How to make a million’ piece trailed pleasingly prominently on the front cover.

I know what you’re thinking: “This chancer turns up after a two year absence banging on about how he needs to improve his poker skills in order to have a chance of making a living from sitting on his arse next year, and yet a reputable magazine is employing him to write a feature on how to make lots of money from poker. What a joke!” What can I say? They’re suckers! Not really; the piece was written up using a bunch of tips and advice given by a number of established professionals, so the guidance is good. I got to interview some great players who were very generous with their time. There are contributions from Neil Channing, Annie Duke, Vicky Coren, Jeff Kimber, Adam Noone and Ryan Pachmayer covering all aspects of the game. Really pleased with how it turned out.

Great mag, great contributors

Great mag, great contributors


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