Call off the search

Two years, eh? Just think what you can achieve in two years with a little get-up-and-go. And yet, I’ve done very little. While there have been some major changes in my personal life, other areas of my life remain much the same. For instance, I still work as a journalist in a job I don’t really enjoy (the company has changed; my apathy not so much), although I do still do some freelance work in a subject area that I find infinitely more rewarding. More on that shortly.

When I last wrote in 2007, I was gearing up to get married. I’m pleased to announce, albeit extremely belatedly, that the wedding went down without a hitch. Well, it pissed down with rain, but apart from that it was all good. I can’t quite believe that I will have spent two years as a married man come next month, but I guess time flies and all that. The other major change came about with the arrival of my son in February. Clearly, all parents are naturally biased, but he’s a little belter. He’s a handful at times, granted, but on the whole we’ve been really lucky with sleeping through the night from an early age, etc. He’s generally very well behaved; we’ve heard some real horror stories form the other new parents we’ve met recently.

Anyway, when I was last regularly updating this blog I began to write a little more frequently about poker. With life being as hectic as it has been recently, my opportunities to play poker diminished spectacularly. Now, though, the little man is going to bed at an earlier hour and I’m finding myself with some time in the evenings to get back into the swing of things. There’s a real possibility that my wife will go back to work in the New Year, with me taking on househusband duties. If that happens, I’ll be looking to bring in some extra cash with freelance writing and poker. If that’s to happen, I need to ramp up my game – starting now. I’ve hit a handful of low-stakes final tables since my return to online poker, so I want to use that as a platform to push on and evolve my game a step further. I’m primarily a tournament player (a good one at that, but with a couple of key areas which could do with improvement), but I need to drastically improve my erratic cash game if this ‘do the odd bit of real work in-between gambling for a living’ pipe dream is going to become a realistic option.

So I plan to get back to the regular blogging. It’ll still be about a range of stuff, but I’d expect it to be heavily poker-related as I try and ramp up my skills between now and the new year. I fully expect it to be a roller coaster ride of excitement*, so why not drop by now and again and see how I’ve been getting on?

I know, I know – tl:dr. The short version? I’m now married with a kid and – more importantly – I’ve stopped talking in the third person.

Incidentally, if you’d like to receive dull, infrequent updates of a more concise nature, you can join literally tens of like-minded individuals and follow me on Twitter:

*Excitement not guaranteed.


2 Responses to Call off the search

  1. Mark Jones says:

    Welcome back to blogdom! Also, congratulations over the events that led to two years of Having Something Better To Do. Of course, any self-respecting poker player should at least have made a token effort to see their first son named “Jack”.

  2. trendthrift says:

    Thanks! I overlooked the whole Jack thing. With my surname being Bailey I did, however, lobby hard to call him George Oscar for the ultimate nod to Arrested Development. Just one of many battles I have lost along the way.

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