Living the dream?

I know, it’s not fair. To flit in and out of your bloglife like this, appearing briefly to raise hopes, only to dash off again for months and years at a time. I can see the stats page form here; don’t think I’m not aware that you constantly have a spare browser window open, hitting F5 habitually in the fading hope that a new post will magically appear. Can’t you see? I’m an online dealer, getting you hooked on the good shit early on, only to throw increasingly dire efforts in your general direction from then on in.

I’ve said it before; I’ll doubtless say it again. I want to start updating this blog on a regular basis once more — particularly given some of the changes in my life recently. When I posted back in June I had a plan. I was going to give up my job in journalism to stay at home in Kent and look after my newborn son. I’d pitch in where I could with some freelance writing (and play online poker) to supplement the income my wife would earn by going back to her (better-paid) full-time job following maternity leave. Didn’t quite turn out like that.

There was a massive campaign of restructuring at Mrs T’s place of work and, to cut a long story short, her job didn’t exist any more by the time it came to thinking about going back to work. They offered her a different role on the same money, although that would have meant double her previous commute on certain days — and besides, it wasn’t the job she knew and loved. So, with a little prodding, they also offered her an attractive voluntary redundancy package.

Not being ones to think that one life-changing decision is enough, we opted to go balls to the wall. She’d always fancied moving back to Cornwall where she spent an extremely happy childhood, so I posited that the recent turn of events set up an ideal opportunity to do just that. We had no family support nearby when in Kent — my nearest and dearest live oop North and hers are still in the family home in Cornwall — so with a new baby in our possession I could see the attraction of having some help nearby. Plus the idea of a more relaxed lifestyle appealed to me. So she took the payoff, I jacked in my job and we packed for Cornwall.

Now, I mentioned a relaxed lifestyle just there. But by November I found myself living with my in-laws and heading out to deliver a metric fuckton of Thompson directories in the bitter cold to (barely) scrape by, with no contact from any of the several employers my wife and I had contacted about ‘proper’ jobs. The dream was fast becoming a nightmare.


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