Risk and reward

Despite initial job-hunting disappointment I was pleased to be invited to an interview for an SEO Copywriter position with a digital marketing agency in the local area. This was much more the kind of thing I wanted to land — close enough to what I had been doing previously to mean that I felt like I was progressing my career, while still being different enough to take me out of my comfort zone.  I went along determined to come out with a positive result.

While I felt I started the interview well and performed strongly in the written task at the end, there were some technical questions in the middle that I fumbled over. I was told at the start that these would be coming up and that I shouldn’t worry at all if I didn’t know them. Despite the reassurance, though, when I get a few questions in a row in the middle of an interview where I’m really struggling to come up with the goods, it puts me off my stride somewhat. Nevertheless, I answered as best I could and looked to pull it around further down the line.

I came away worried that I had blown it but to my surprise I was offered the role the next day. The money’s still not amazing — a good £10k less than I was earning at the place I walked away from — but the work is interesting and it’s far and away the best office atmosphere I’ve ever experienced. People are happy to share their knowledge and, importantly,  for the first time since I worked for a year at HMV in 2001, I’m working with people who I  genuinely looking forward to socialising with out of office hours.

I’ve been there for just over a month now and assuming I make it past the 12 week trial period, it means that things are all starting to fit into place. We moved out of the in-laws’ place and into our new house on Christmas Eve and, while there are still things to do to get it how we want,  it’s really starting to feel like home now. Now that we’ve got some money coming in, we can truly start to enjoy our new life safe in the knowledge that we made the right decision to move to the South West.

So many people stick rather than twist when it comes to that kind of big decision, worried that the risks outweigh the potential benefits. I know, I’ve been there before and sided with caution. And this particular decision was a huge gamble, make no mistake about it; even with my newly-found job, we’re currently bringing in roughly £50k less as a household than we were in Kent. But you can’t put a price on happiness.

If anybody reading this has a big decision to make, I’d advise you to push yourself. Take a chance. Don’t look back in five or ten years and think “I wish I’d given it a go”. I don’t mean to trivialise such decisions; I realise I’ve been lucky to a certain extent and that things could easily have gone the other way. And that circumstances will need to change in a few years when my boy’s older as we’ll need more money to support him (and any siblings that may or may not come along). But time’s on my side and if things take a turn for the worse then we’ll simply reassess things from there and adjust as necessary. I doubt it’ll happen, but if we have to move back to where the jobs pay better then we’ll do it.

All I know is that I won’t ever regret not having taken the gamble.


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