New US drama on the horizon

Man, there’s not much I like more than pilot season. A whole slew of new US television shows; some incredibly promising, many more terrible beyond words. I always enjoy reading the press releases from the various networks outlining their upcoming schedule, not least because some of the new show overviews are some of the most hilarious things you’re likely to read. I can’t help but feel that the executives at Fox, NBC et al will commission pretty much anything. Like this:

Jim Snatch has it all: a trophy wife, two adorable kids and an enviable job as VP of Ring Binding at Sacromento’s biggest lamp manufacturer. But one fateful day his world comes crumbling down around him. A routine operation to remove an ingrown toenail takes a turn for the bizarre as a mysterious figure forces the surgeon to instead insert a second shin into each of Jim’s legs at gunpoint. Now standing at over eight feet tall and unable to stand comfortably at work, Jim is fired for low productivity and when he gets home he finds there’s no shoulder to cry on; a note on the dining room table reveals that his wife has left him to be with a man with traditionally-proportioned limbs. This double blow leaves Jim to juggle the tasks of looking for new employment, taking care of his children and unraveling the consipracy behind his bodged operation — all while coming to terms with his massive legs. Every week we follow Jim as he interviews for a job where his new-found height may prove to be an advantage but his dedication to his kids ultimately gets in the way of being able to do the job properly:

Pilot episode – Basketball player
Episode 2 – Apple picker
Episode 3 – Taxi driver

Animated mid-season spin-off show “JIM’S LIMBS” will flesh out Jim Snatch’s backstory with vital clues to the identity of the shadowy cabal behind his leg lengthening ordeal.

Ah, what the hell. I’ll watch the pilot.


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