Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

I’m back, baby! Yes, it’s true this blog has had more comebacks than Grant Mitchell but now that I’m properly back into the swing of things in terms of playing regular poker, I’m keen to keep a record of how things are going in an attempt to keep my motivation up. I’ll still try and chip in with non-poker related posts from time to time but poker will certainly be the main focus for the time being.

I used the back end of 2010 to go back to the single-table SNGs I first started out with in an attempt to see if I could still turn a decent profit while playing a high number of tables consecutively. It worked out pretty well, with ~$670 profit from 573 games plus an extra $170 in bonus money from PokerStars’ Battle of the Planets promotion along the way (I managed to finish 4th on the leaderboard one week, which also bagged me a ticket for a monthly $50,000 shootout which I’ll hopefully play at the end of January). Here’s my $5 STT graph for that period:

$5 STT graph

Not too shabby

Buoyed from my early success I moved up to $10 STTs towards the end of the year and essentially broke even over around 100 games. It’s these $10 games that I’ll be continuing with for the foreseeable future, although where I was previously playing 12 tables at a time, I’m going to be moving up to 15 tables at a time. The hope is that I’ll get an average of at least 30 games played per evening, although things won’t always work out that way I’m sure. I have a full-time job and a family so I don’t have a huge amount of free time but I’m determined to put the effort in and play wherever possible in an effort to really improve as a player — and earn some extra money, of course.

If things go well and I’m able to move up to the $20 STTs relatively early on in the year then I may even be able to make a run at Supernova status at PokerStars, which brings with it some nice bonus money. That’s one to dream of at the moment, but I hope to give myself every chance by keeping my volume up early in the year.

Anyway, I played my first poker of 2011 tonight and managed to reach my goal of 30 games. Here’s how it went:

1st place: 3
2nd place: 6
3rd place: 2

Daily profit: $3
January profit: $3

A modest start then, but ‘a profit’s a profit’ and all that. I feel that I might need to work on my heads-up play a little but on the whole I’m happy with how I played tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a happier outcome.


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