I will never say the word ‘procrastinate’ again

I’ve been messing around with the layout of the site a little, as I didn’t bother with it too much when I first started. If you’re wondering why I’ve spent so much time updating the site today when the last post beforehand was written back in November, well let’s just say that I’ve got an article due in tomorrow. You’ll find my productivity on here rise whenever I’ve got actual paid work to be doing. I am an idiot.

Anyway, a big pat on the back for me. That’s right, I’ve become the last person on the internet to sign up for a Last.fm account. You’ll see the results over there on the right. At least that’s the plan, but I don’t really know what I’m doing.  No worries if not, you’re not missing much — it would probably just say THE POSTAL SERVICE in ten-storey high block capitals anyway.


Feeling yourself disintegrate

In the days since the last trendthrift update, two absolute truths have become apparent to me:

  • Wisdom teeth are a pain up the arse
  • The Flaming Lips know how to put on a damn fine music show
  • I’d been wanting to see the band for a while now, so naturally I was excited as the recent Hammersmith Apollo date grew closer. Unfortunately for me, the very same wisdom teeth I mentioned just a few words back started giving me some trouble the day before the gig. By the time I was on my way to the venue, the dull ache in my mouth was spreading to my head, and I was convinced that my evening was ruined. Within a couple of hours, Wayne Coyne was crawling over my head in a giant inflatable hamster ball.

    I needn’t have worried. Huge ticker tape cannons, groups of dancers dressed up as aliens and Father Christmas, a town crier and a majestic rendition of Race For The Prize to open; how could manky teeth possibly bother me when faced with that? My balls could have burst into flames and I still would have loved the show. Although that probably says more about me than the gig. If you like their music but haven’t yet caught them live, rectify the situation as soon as possible.

    Treat yourself

    The guys at NonStuff have posted up the 50th iteration of their frequently excellent podcast. I’ve not had a chance to check it out yet – I’m still too busy swooning over the Pink Nasty/Will Oldham track from Podcast #49 – but I thought it a landmark worth mentioning. These digital mixtapes are clearly put together with love by people who are genuinely passionate about their music, and all this on a weekly basis. I’d consider myself to be relatively well versed in semi-obscure music, but these guys have opened my eyes to a bunch of artists I would have otherwise likely missed out on. And for that I’m genuinely thankful. Do yourself a favour and sign up for a (free) subscription. Here’s to another 50 at the very least.

    Promiscuous electrical equipment

    The trendthrift stereo is an insatiable beast at the best of times, but just recently she’s turned into the most gluttonous little strumpet in town, demanding more and more new music with each passing day. As many times as I’ve tried, she just won’t be assauged. I’m past trying to reason with her; she’s got me exactly where she wants me.

    As such, I trundled off to the Post Office this morning to pick up her latest feed (a six CD-shaped parcel won’t fit easily through the letterbox of trendthrift Towers, unfotunately). She’s currently chewing on In Case We Die from Architecture In Helsinki, but then there’s albums from Animal Collective, Bearsuit, Help She Can’t Swim, Laura Veirs and My Morning Jacket to follow once she’s tossed that aside.

    It’s not as if she’s finished chomping on the stuff she got for Christmas, or indeed from the Album Club delivery from last Friday (although she is regularly filling the air with approving Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-scented burps, much to my embarrassment). Hopefully she’ll calm down a bit now and take stock of recent arrivals, but I can’t say I’m overly confident.

    Aural pleasure

    trendthrift received a bunch of music for Christmas, all of it good (or so it would seem from a quick listen). The office sound system has been pumping out the sweet sounds of Sufjan Stevens, Wolf Parade, We Are Scientists, Sigur Ros and Johnny Cash over the past couple of days, and everything is alright with the world. With any luck, the regular trendthrift podcast-o-pleasure will be up and running sometime in the near future to bring you all of its readers the highest brand of aural excellence. Until then, why not hum the theme tune to Richard and Judy over and over again?