A minor setback

I managed to get a decent amount of games in tonight with a total of 31 played but unfortunately I came out a little bit behind. No real big blunders on my part that I can remember, but I need to make sure I go through my database and review some hands as I’ve been slack at doing that recently. Anyway, I’m still confident that I’m playing well enough to turn this month’s losses around so let’s hope I can catch a break over the next few days.

1st: 5
2nd: 1
3rd: 4

Daily profit: -$17
Monthly profit: -$110


Turning things around?

I finally got back to the tables tonight after a couple of nights off due to tiredness and therefore the worry that I wouldn’t be playing at my best. I only managed the one set of 15 STTs tonight but I finally posted a decent profit to make it three winning sessions in a row — although again it’s frustrating not to have converted more of my heads-up opportunities. Still, onwards and upwards. Hopefully I can get back into the black by the end of the week.

1st: 2
2nd: 5
3rd: 1

Daily profit: $78
Monthly profit: -$93

Slowly but surely

My internet connection has been a bit flaky over the past couple of days so I haven’t played as much as I would have liked. Just the 17 STTs last night, and a very, very slight profit. It’s still welcome after all the recent losses, though.

1st: 3
2nd: 2
3rd: 0

Daily profit: $2
January profit: -$171

A little more like it

Well, the recent theme of getting sucked out on time and time again continued tonight along with the delightful addition of winning only one notable flip out of many. Thankfully I still managed to turn a profit, which is not to be sniffed at after my recent results, but it’s still frustrating as this could have been a hugely profitable session rather than just a decent one. I did manage to unlock my first Stellar Reward of the year to boost the coffers a little, though. Oh well, a big day is just around the corner with any luck.

30 STTs played

1st: 4
2nd: 4
3rd: 4

Stellar Reward: $10
Daily profit: $40
January profit: -$173

Down but not quite out

Oof, another harsh session. Again, I played 30 STTs but it just wasn’t happening for me tonight. I’m starting to wonder if moving up to playing 15 tables at a time from 12 at a time is having a significantly detrimental effect, or if I’m just running bad at the moment. Or even if the gap between the quality of players at the $5 and $10 levels is much wider than I first thought. I guess I’ll keep going for the rest of the week and reassess from there. Anyway, tonight’s results:

1st: 3
2nd: 3
3rd: 2

Profit: -$78
January profit: -$213

And so it continues

Just a quick update tonight after another frustrating losing session. The difference tonight was that I felt like I played better than I had over the previous couple of nights; a few nasty suckouts put paid to any hopes of turning a profit, but that’s obviously just how it goes sometimes. I’m confident I’ll be able to turn things around over the next few nights but it’d be nice for things to turn in the right direction sooner rather than later.

30 STTs played

1st: 4
2nd: 4
3rd: 1

Profit: -$24
January profit: -$135

An ugly turn of events

Ugh, a horrible session tonight. I feel like I made a couple of minor mistakes along the way but on the whole I don’t think I stepped out of line too often. I guess it was just one of those nights.

30 STTs played

1st: 4
2nd: 0
3rd: 2

Profit: -$114
January profit: -$111

The only positive to come out of tonight was that I managed to close out four out of six games when I got to the final three after some recent worries about my heads-up game. Still a horrible session, though, and a sizable loss to try and claw back over the next couple of nights. Oh well, onwards and upwards.